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[CG] HBD to me, HBD to my blog!

posted on 31 Mar 2010 14:34 by pcichigo

Today is 31st March 2010 so, Happy Birthday to Me!


And happy birthday to my blog! Today, it is a 3rd year anniversary for my blog also.
Thank you for all supports from my friends and my fans, my blog became popular because of most of you. I am trying to aim for 200,000 page views as a goal in this year, let’s see if I can do it or not…


Well, I know that many people may forget about my birthday and my existence (?). It is because I did not update my blog for a while (actually it is just 1 week! or more…) so many people think that I am gone forever ha ha, but do not worry! There is a good reason why I did not update my blog for a while, it is because I spend a lot of time for my SAI training, and it is not an ordinary training, but it is CG training!


For more detail about my picture, I draw it for “Thailand Boardgame Fanclub” home page competition, so the theme of this picture will be like…Thai…board game…oh, well, you should know what it is about! It took me 4 days for drawing and 3 days more for painting. But anyway, it is worth for me, because it is one of my masterpieces after all.


Let's see my picture then!



Moreover, I have some little news to announce, at last, this blog will be open soon! There will be a grand opening entry again to let’s you know it. So, you may want to start to count down, and wait to see what will be happening! Tell you what, you may not recognize my blog again in that day! And for the next entry, I think there no need for me to speak English anymore because it will be an officially opening ha ha.


So, thank you for coming today, I am really appreciated.
Good luck!





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