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[CG] 31 March 2012, HBD to me!

posted on 31 Mar 2012 09:22 by pcichigo
Hello, Happy Birthday to me! It's 31st March again!
Well, today is also the 5th Anniversary of my blog. My last year past is a very busy one, I have a lot big project to work on, after finished there are a lot more free time now, lucky me! And I have to thank you to all of my friends and fans who visited this blog all past year. From my statistic, we have already have around 500,000 views now! Thank you everybody for making this happened.
So again, I draw a picture for HBD by using SAI paint tool. Which I spend around 3 days to draw this one. This character is again wearing a uniform of cadet at “Lanseal Royal Military Academy”, which is in the Play Station Portable game name “Valkyria Chronicles 2”. Since, I really like this game very much, with a unique style of first person shooting combine with turn-base tactic. The story line is quiet good and all characters in this game are really lovely. Well, let’s see the picture guys!
Thank you for coming today, it’s always good to know that you are still following me.
See you later, my dear reader!